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Have you ever clicked on a brand’s advert and ended up on a internet site you weren’t waiting for? That’s ad hijacking. And it hurts advertisers and customers.


Keep reading to learn the way advert hijacking works, the risks it poses and how to guard your logo.


What is advert hijacking?
Ad hijacking is while an affiliate mimics a logo’s ads to scouse borrow clicks and revenue on their trademarked key phrases. Affiliates do that to trick you into clicking on their advert instead of a real one from the emblem.


How does advert hijacking work?
Imagine you look for [your favorite clothing brand]. Normally, the first advert you spot must be the emblem’s official one, taking you instantly to its website. Here’s how ad hijacking disrupts that:


The rightful owner: The first advert above belongs to the logo. It leads immediately to its personal website via the appropriate monitoring hyperlink..
The obvious wrongdoer: The 2d ad is from an affiliate. It redirects you to the emblem’s website, however adds the affiliate’s tracking hyperlink within the system. This allows them to thieve a commission for any sale you may make, even though you meant to visit the logo directly.
The masked marauder: The third advert shows a greater state-of-the-art hijacker the use of a series of redirects to hide their involvement. They may even ship you through numerous web sites earlier than eventually touchdown you at the logo’s web page. This makes it difficult to pick out them and hurts the emblem’s associate application because it’s tough to music where the stolen commission got here from.
What does ad hijacking seem like?
In this situation, a brand violation instance has been captured the usage of Adthena’s Ad Hijacking Detection for a resort emblem (the logo call has been changed for anonymity). A look for “brandhotels.Com” has again the ad proven, which capabilities the emblem name inside the display URL and site links.


However, the advert has no longer been located by the motel emblem. It become located by means of an affiliate bidding on “brandhotels.Com.”


Why is advert hijacking dangerous for your logo?
Ad hijacking can harm both advertisers and users. Here’s a breakdown of the main demanding situations it could purpose:


For advertisers:
Lost sales and revenue: Imagine buying clicks that don’t attain your website! Hijacked ads thieve clicks meant for your professional ads, diverting capability clients and reducing income.
Increased fees: Advertisers compete with hijackers bidding on their emblem terms (i.E., your emblem call). This drives up the CPC, meaning you pay more for every body who sees your authentic ad.
Channel conflict and data skewing: If you and a hijacker use associate packages, matters get messy. Metrics like impression percentage and revenue attribution end up erroneous, making it difficult to song marketing campaign overall performance efficiently.
Brand reputation damage: If customers click on on a hijacked advert and end up on a low-first-class website or enjoy something bad, it displays poorly to your emblem. They would possibly companion the bad experience together with your business enterprise.
For customers:

Deception: The complete factor of ad hijacking is to trick customers. They click on on an ad believing it ends in a brand’s internet site, only to locate themselves elsewhere. This can sense deceptive and like a waste of time.
Exposure to malware: In some instances, hijacked ads might lead to malicious web sites containing malware. This software program can scouse borrow personal facts or damage your tool.
Wasted time: Users anticipating to go to a logo’s internet site after clicking on an ad might be upset in the event that they land on an irrelevant page. They’ll waste valuable time navigating away from the wrong website.
Spot and stop ad hijacking tries
Catching ad hijacking can be tricky, but there are tools to assist.


Adthena’s Ad Hijacking Detection catches times of ad hijacking instances from 50+ associate networks and sub-networks, by way of:


Constantly monitoring your emblem: Ad Hijacking Detection continuously scans seek outcomes for ads containing your logo terms, logos and even variations of them. It acts like a tireless lookout for imposters!
Identifying suspicious pastime: Sophisticated algorithms analyze ad copy, landing pages and associate links. If something doesn’t seem actual, it is going to be flagged for in addition research.

Alerts and reports: Get notified right away if capability hijacking attempts are detected. These reports will include details just like the infringing ad reproduction, landing page URLs, or even the suspected associates concerned.
Gathering evidence for takedown: Having all of the evidence in one vicinity makes it less complicated to report the infringing ad to Google. You’ll have the associate ID and different details needed for a quick takedown.


See Ad Hijacking Detection in motion in a self-guided platform excursion. Get started out.


How to identify advert hijacking on your campaigns
Being proactive is prime to combating advert hijacking. Here are some crimson flags to observe out for for your branded ad campaigns:


Performance droop: A surprising drop in clicks and conversions on your branded commercials might be a sign that hijacked advertisements are stealing your clicks.
Suspicious spikes in associates: A surge in referral visitors or conversions from an unknown affiliate is a reason for situation.
Copycat conversions: If an associate’s conversion charges suspiciously mirror your branded ad campaigns, it is probably due to the fact they’re making the most of hijacked clicks.
URL mismatches: Always check the touchdown page URLs related on your associates. If they don’t healthy your emblem’s domain or contain peculiar redirects, it is able to be a hijacking try.
These warning symptoms allow you to capture ad hijacking early and take motion to guard your emblem.

Prevent advert hijacking before it strikes
Why wait for trouble? By being vigilant and monitoring your campaigns closely, you can take steps to discover and cope with advert hijacking tries through affiliates.


1. Secure your emblem identification:
Trademark protection: Register your logos and brand phrases. This strengthens your felony stance if you want to confront hijackers.
Brand watch: Use emblem tracking tools to tune on line mentions, together with search effects. This facilitates you notice capability hijacking attempts early on.
2. Manage your affiliate application:
Clear associate agreements: Outline ideal practices in your associate agreements. Ban affiliates from bidding in your brand terms or using misleading advert replica.
Performance tracking: Regularly display your affiliate application performance. Look for unusual spikes in site visitors or conversions from specific affiliates.
3. Paid seek defense:
Negative keywords: Use negative keywords to save you your commercials from displaying for searches that include hijacked terms or versions of your brand name.
Trademark bidding: Consider trademark bidding to your branded keywords. This ensures your ads seem prominently in search outcomes, pushing hijacked advertisements down the web page.
4. Advanced safety solutions:
Brand Protection: Explore superior logo protection equipment like Adthena’s Ad Hijacking Detection, a part of the Brand Protection solution. These tools actively scan for hijacking tries and provide distinctive reports to help you take action.
Learn greater approximately PPC emblem safety and how to do it in the complete manual to PPC logo protection.


5. Take motion:
Report infringing ads: Report any instances of ad hijacking to the relevant seek engine platform.
Terminate rogue affiliates: If you pick out affiliates accomplishing advert hijacking, terminate their agreements right away.
Fight returned against advert hijacking
Ad hijacking can be sneaky, stealing clicks and negative your emblem reputation. By know-how how it works, you may take proactive measures to:


Protect your brand: Register trademarks and use brand tracking tools to live vigilant against hijacking tries.
Secure your associate software: Define acceptable practices in affiliate agreements. Block associates from bidding to your emblem terms or using misleading advert replica.
Put paid seek protection in vicinity: Use poor keywords to save you hijacked phrases from triggering your commercials. Consider trademark bidding to make certain your ads appear prominently.
Consider superior safety: Explore gear like Adthena’s Ad Hijacking Detection for superior tracking and protection.

Take down hijackers: Report infringing advertisements to search engines and terminate relationships with rogue associates.
By staying informed and imposing those techniques, you can reclaim control of your on line presence and make certain a high quality revel in in your clients.


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